Mirage Radio Yachts - The new IOM the Panda.

Decided to design a new boat based on ideas I had that incorporated in some of the past designs but also took a slightly different tack.

What has evolved is a design that I think will be something that will suit all conditions but also at its peak in A rig, which in most areas is the rig used most of the time.

Slightly fuller in the bow with rounded sections and the stern is also a bit wider.

It's initiation was in the CCOR regatta in China last month. Soeren Andresen (Den), and myself attended along with Zyvonko Jelicich , Graham Bantock and skippers from Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as the local contingent. Unfortunately the Japanese skippers plans got skuppered by a typhoon, so they could not attend.

With our two boat in parts when I arrived, and working into the night we got Soeren's A and B rig finished and my A rig.

Both boats launched for the first race and they performed well and showed promise. This was later displayed when on the last day Soeren was the leading points scorer. He showed improvement each day. Final result was Soeren in 3rd place and myself in 7th.

The two boats were sold to local skippers after the event and should be the forerunners of a fleet of Panda's in China.

Orders are now being taken for the Panda.

Key Features

  • New fin and rudder
  • Lower freeboard to allow the rig to be placed lower in the boat which aids stability
  • Screw lid pot to contain the receiver and battery. Because of this inclusion the winch is now in front of the mast.
  • Detail improvements include adjustable rudder pushrod
  • The Nitro will be available in a range of 8 colours, 7 being RAL colours and the other is the Team Mirage green as shown on the Nitro in the photos.
Due to different computer monitors/calibrations colours may vary slightly from the Colour profiles